Phonics learning the dramatic way! 


"Play Phonics has enriched the curriculum... We have more readers than ever."

- Eleni Apostoli, Lea Valley Primary


 Play Phonics is fresh approach to phonics learning for Reception and Year One pupils in and around London - using drama, adventure and puppetry to bring sounds to life.


 "A really excellent early years approach to phonics."

- Fran Byrne, St John's Angell Town C of E Primary


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Weekly workshops

  Over a course of weekly sessions, a talented actor-teacher will come to your school, and as the character 'Sammy Sounds' they will introduce 2 - 3 sounds per week, eventually covering a whole phase. Through drama and interactive fun reception pupils will be given the tools to blend, segment and decode words.


Every child matters

At Play Phonics we believe in making sure that every child reaches their true potential. We understand that children learn in very different ways, and for some a more kinesthetic approach is the key to boosting confidence, retaining information and kick starting their learning journey.


In your school

We work closely with schools to ensure that our work compliments classroom teaching style. Over the course duration we get to know pupils and their particular educational needs. Workshops require a minimal set up from schools - we simply need a hall, gym or classroom space.


"You cover phonics from every angle - visually, kinesthetically, auditorily - it's super!"

- Emma Harper, Iqra Primary School