At Play Phonics we believe that children learn and develop to the fullest when they are laughing, exploring and spellbound. This is why we use the powers of make believe to introduce children to the wonderful world of phonics.

Created by Emmy Siobhan in 2013, Play Phonics delivers fun-packed weekly drama workshops to support and enhance classroom work and help to bring phonics learning to life.

Emmy is an actor and drama workshop leader. As well as performing on the West End, Emmy has spent much time over the past ten years leading curriculum based drama workshops in primary schools around the capital.

However, it was her time spent as an Early Years, Foundation and Key Stage One teaching assistant that massively inspired Play Phonics.


"All children could access learning"

- Kirsty Worgan, St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Barking


"Great link with our Letters and Sounds teaching"

- Patricia Asamoah, Turnham Primary, Lewisham


"As a T.A I often supported pupils during their phonics lessons, and while I absolutely champion the way that phonics is taught in schools, I became aware that for some children, sitting and listening for long periods could be a real challenge. 

As someone who struggled with this kind of learning in school, I was inspired to develop of a new approach that would make phonics learning accessible, exciting and joyful to all children.

I am aware that children learn in different ways, and for some a more kinesthetic, imaginative style of learning is a hugely effective way to inspire a love of reading."

  - Emmy Siobhan, founder of Play Phonics

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Invite Sammy Sounds to your school for an unforgettable adventure to Phonics Land, travel on her sound mobile and help her to rescue her sound friends.