Play Phonics for Nursery

We have designed weekly phonics sessions especially for Nursery children!

At Play Phonics we believe that children learn and develop to the fullest when they are laughing, exploring and spellbound. This is why we use the powers of make believe to introduce preschoolers to the wonderful world of phonics.

Sammy sounds is from Phonics Land and is friends with all of the sounds. Each week Sammy Sounds and the children jump aboard the sound train express to Phonics Land, where they go on an exciting adventure with a new sound each week.

Our weekly workshops have been carefully designed to introduce Nursery children to Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 phonics using drama, singing and interactive fun, meeting EYFS phonics criteria along the way!

How it works

Once a week one of our talented actor-teachers will come to your Nursery, and as the character 'Sammy Sounds' they will take the children on an exciting adventure to Phonics Land.

Sammy Sounds will visit your Nursery for a minimum of 10 weeks (sessions are booked in 10-week blocks), and can come once a week for the entire year!

Min. booking: 10 weeks

Session Duration: 30 min

Pupils per session: 15                                                                             


"I loved the playful approach to teaching phonics."

- Ian McCoy, Dulwich Wood Nursery


The Sessions

Phase 1

Our Phase 1 sessions are perfect for toddlers! Sessions develop listening and speaking skills, tuning into sounds, talking about sounds, general sound discrimination, as well as alliteration and rhythm - all through exciting drama and adventure!

The sessions are designed to create a secure grounding for children to move on to Phase 2 as and when they are ready.

On top of meeting EYFS phonics criteria, all of our sessions develop communication and language skills, physical development and drama and role play experience.


Phase 2

Our Phase 2 sessions continue to develop the Phase 1 phonics skills, whilst also providing a gentle introduction initial letter sounds. Preschoolers will start to distinguish between letter shapes as well as recognising and articulating the sound associated with the letter shape.

The sessions also cover some fun and gentle blending and oral segmenting through singing, drama and puppetry.

The sessions are designed to encourage a love of letters, words and stories, whilst also building confidence in all things phonics - ready big school!