What the teachers think of Play Phonics...

We are very proud of the feedback that we receive from teachers, telling us about the difference that Play Phonics is making to their pupils. Feel free to watch the video below, or keep scrolling down to read more testimonials.


"Absolutely everything to do with their phonics has improved!"

      - Debi Wilkinson, Linton Mead Primary


"Emmy really understands how children learn."

 - Sarah Jane Bellerby, Canon Barnett  Primary


"It has really supported the team in getting the children ready for school"

- Tina (Nursery Manager), Zoom Nurseries, Hither Green


"Play Phonics has enriched the curriculum... We have more readers than ever before."

- Eleni Apostoli, Lea Valley Primary


"The course was a real bargain!"

- Kevin Bowles, St Pauls and All Hallows' Primary


"The children are very excited to see Sammy Sounds every week!"

- Joanna Townsend, Albion Primary



"The children were all so engaged, they didn't go off task at all."

- Neil Moorcroft, Herbert Morrison Primary


"All children could access learning"

- Kirsty Worgan, St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Barking


"Great link with our Letters and Sounds teaching"

        - Patricia Asamoah, Turnham Primary


"The feedback from parents has been amazing...the children go home talking about Sammy Sounds!"

- Becky (Nursery Manager) Zoom Nurseries, Blackheath


"All of the children have benefited from this course. It has been a really enjoyable addition to the curriculum."

- Nina Leigh, Devonshire Hill Primary

"Charlotte makes each session accessible to all levels of learners."

- Emma Elliman, Charlton Manor Primary


 "A really excellent early years approach to phonics."

- Fran Byrne, St John's Angell Town C of E Primary


"All children, including children who found blending quite tricky have made progress"

- Katy Parker, Hawley Infants


"It was great to see the children joining in and putting up their hands - especially those who don't usually seem to engage with phonics."

- Emma Harper, Iqra Primary

m boarder 2.jpg

"Lots of children from different ability and academic levels were able to play and learn together."

- Mr Elias, Kennington Park Bridge to School


"The class loved it and were fully engaged, everyone was on task. Excellent for kinesthetic learners. "

- Daisy McEnaney, Fenstanton Primary


"Children who find it hard to focus are participating because of the role play."

- Sandra Ainoo, Dog Kennel Hill Primary School


"Very impressed with both content and delivery."

 - Hannah Stead, Charlton Manor Primary


"The children all loved to meet the sound puppets and were thrilled to go on an adventure."

- Sandra Ainoo, Dog Kennel Hill Primary School


"It's perfect for those children that need reinforcement"

- Neil Moorcroft, Herbert Morrison Primary School


"A couple of my children who find carpet time difficult were completely engaged."

 - Claire Harwood, St John's and St Clements Primary


"EAL children were very engaged and demonstrated a good understanding of activities. Attention was stronger in children as a whole."

 - Fflur Hinton, Fenstanton Primary


"The blending machine allowed children to use the sounds they'd learned and extend their learning."

-   Hannah Stead, Charlton Manor Primary


"I loved the motion writing and the blending machine works brilliantly"

- Emma Harper, Iqra Primary School, Lambeth


"Highly kinesthetic learners benefited from the active approach to phonics."

 - Anna Smosek, Charlton Manor Primary

m boarder.jpg

"The energy, pace and structure was spot on"

 - Mr Elias, Kennington Park Bridge to School


"Students that are 'struggling with phonics' were engaged and interactive throughout, contributing where they could."

 - Katie Torrance, William Patten School



"The children were continuing the activity even during playtime!"

-  Hannah Stead, Charlton Manor Primary